“Yoga is a journey of the self to the self through the self” -BHAGWAT GITA


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1 x 20 minute (ish) Solar Flow

a dynamic and invigorating movement practice to fire you up. 

1 x 20 minuste (ish) Lunar Flow

a slow flow with some yin and restorative poses which can be practiced on it’s own or can continue on from your solar flow. 

1 x 5 minute meditatation

to correlate to the theme of the week. 

Weekly themed article's

Weekly playlist suggestion


Everything that we experience in this world is made tangible, visible and felt through our bodies. Embodiment is a step that makes these experiences practical and lived through a spiritual experience in your skin.


Over this 6 weeks we will work to explore a deep sense of awareness and truth, to sense feel and honour your body. We will explore our body’s through our posture’s as a method to awaken consciousness which lies deep within us all.


I will guide you through your practices which you can choose to repeat daily or when you have the time to do so in the comfort of your own home. Each Monday, I will release a new practice which you can follow for the next 7 days. 

It is through these regular practices that we start to transcend into a more enlivened being where body and mind are one. By challenging ourselves in physical postures, we start to break down boundaries we have set for ourselves and are able to recognise the limitless possibility of our true potential. 

In our practice we aim to return to our experience of wholeness by bringing our awareness into body, breath and a focused mind. 

In short, embodiment is a felt sense of self. Being comfortable in one’s skin. Being able to engage in life more fully and cultivating love and gratitude for your beautiful body.  

How do you accept payment?

All payments are handled by PayPal

How are the courses sent to me?

All courses are emailed to you weekly after you sign up. The course will contain information and a link to our private videos.

Do you offer one to one appointments?

Yes, if you'd like to organise personalised training sessions please contact me

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