About Me

I have been practising yoga for over 10 years, a journey which has taken me on progressively inquisitive paths to develop and gain more knowledge and understanding of this beautiful and ancient lifestyle.


Discovering ashtanga when travelling in India with my family, channelled my focus and brought my practice into a discipline that I could fully immerse myself in, even with young children and a nomadic lifestyle.


Through my dedicated practice, I began to discover changes within my physical and mental bodies, which allowed me to transcend into a higher, happier, more balanced version of myself. Through practice, I began to cultivate awareness, love and compassion and this inspired me to share my growing knowledge of this ancient tradition with others.


I completed my 200 hour ttc at sampoorna school of yoga in india in 2017, and my personal and teaching practices started to develop more creatively, with greater reverence and with a deeper understanding of the body's anatomical and physic capabilities. 


I fell in love, and was very fortunate to have been blessed with two beautiful children, my sun and my moon. As a family, we try to live a very conscious and free lifestyle, living "Off grid" in a travelling showman's wagon, challenging society's mythologies regarding the "Correct" way to live, and attempting to open our hearts and minds to a less restrictive, and more ethical existence. 

India is where we call home for some months over the winter, immersing ourselves in spiritual practices, nourishing our souls, and spending time out of the crazy pace of the western world. 

My experience of practice has taken me down different lines of enquiry into different styles of yoga... Whiles't I enjoy teaching and practising ashtanga inspired vinyasa flow classes, I have also studied in yin yoga (50 hour ttc sampoorna yoga india) and restorative yoga (yoga london), and I am deeply inspired by tantra and hatha yoga styles. Pranayama and meditation are the non-negotiable's of my daily practice. 

I am currently studying for my advanced 500 hour ttc with yoga London, where I am fortunate enough to be learning from inspiring and experienced teachers, covering a broad spectrum of topics, all with deep roots in the ancient traditions of yoga. 


Laura Willis

I make a date to do Rebeka's yoga, as being part of one of her classes, is like having a softly spoken friend whisper in your ear as they gently direct you into a place of peace for yourself. Giving you permission to be on the mat, guiding you into postures, with her beautiful voice wrapping around you like a warm blanket.


I really relish both her restorative and vinyasa classes, which allow space for her deeper teachings to evolve, expand and adapt to our needs as a student. I feel cherished, nurtured and extremely grateful to have her as my teacher. I have over thirty years of yoga classes under my Sweaty Betty belt and I honestly can say that delving into Bex's yoga space, under her care, is truly divine.

Katie Leighton

I've had the pleasure of joining Rebekah's classes for the last year or so and I can't recommend them enough.  Rebekah is a great teacher - clear in her direction, encouraging, calm and gentle. No two classes are the same, yet we build upon what we have learned before and aim to be stronger and more centred.


The yurt is a beautiful setting.  It is surrounded by nature and you can hear the birds singing during the quieter parts of the practice and look up at the stars during Savasana.  This tranquility remains - even when accessed remotely via Shanti Shala's excellent online classes.  It's one of the best antidotes to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Tina Mortimer

 Bex has a wonderful way of teaching/leading a session. I am only able to do the restorative classes and have been attending them for over two years. It is my oasis of calm in a busy week in normal times, but in this new way of living with its trials and tribulations, it keeps the stress levels lowered before bedtime. I find it heals body and soul with wise words thrown in for good measure. I do not know what I would do without you!

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